Branch Groups are our small groups that meet during the week in various people’s homes in different local areas. They are a key touch point of community for us at St Giles’. Being in a Branch Group (BG) is one of the four things we encourage every church member to do (alongside being regular at Sunday worship, stewardship within the church family and sharing Jesus Christ).

Branch Groups contribute to the spiritual growth that we seek in every member in pursuit of our church’s mission: to present everyone mature in Christ on the last day. They enable us to pursue our priorities:
  • loving God – we meet the Lord in His Word and, as we do in BG, we grow in love for Him & delight more in Him
  • loving one another – as we meet together we are able to practice doing the ‘one-anothering’ in BG which the Word encourages us in
  • loving the lost – time in BG will lead us to more deeply appreciate the gospel of grace and God’s love will compel us to share Christ with lost people.

Once a month Branch Groups gather with the whole church family at our Call to Pray meetings and once a term they meet together at St Giles’ Central teaching evenings.
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