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Branch Groups

Branch Groups are our midweek groups that meet in various members of the church families homes to have fellowship with one another, to study the Bible together, to pray with one another and to have fun. Branch Groups are a key touch point of community for us at St. Giles’ and to that end we encourage as many of the church family as possible to be in a group.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”

Those are the final words of Jesus (Matthew 28:19) before he ascended into heaven. It is what he commanded us to be and to make – disciples. Not just converts or people who know about God or are even regular church goers but disciples. Like the disciples who dropped their nets, left their families and put everything aside to follow the Lord Jesus (Mark 1:14-20), who truly knew and trusted that Jesus is the Christ the promised saviour (Mark 8:29) and that it is impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven without him (Luke 18:26-27). Disciples like Peter who wept when he was confronted with his failings and sin, like John who stood at the foot of cross looking at his saviour hanging there for him and like Thomas who saw, believed and rejoiced. Disciples who spoke and shared the good news about Jesus at all measures and lengths. That is what it means be a disciple, what we all long to be and what we help one another do in our Branch Groups.

Branch Groups have two aims:
  1. to help one another grow up in Christ (to become mature Christian disciples), and
  2. to help one another reach out with Christ (to help one another share the Gospel).

Grow up in Christ:
  • We can really apply God’s word to our life situations and hearts.
  • We can be open and honest about the struggles and battles we are dealing with.
  • We can be kept to account for our godliness and encouraged to grow in godliness.
  • We can care and support one another practically and spiritually and pray for one another informatively.
  • Because others in our group know us particularly well and we know them, we can have a deeper mutual trust and reliance on one another.

Reaching out with Christ:
  • We can try evangelistic initiatives together as a corporate thing, rather than individual; in community, we do it together
  • We can reach out together as Branch Groups to those around us (helping neighbours, sharing in hobbies/interests, being involved together in the local community, seeking opportunities to build friendships in order to share the Gospel)
  • We can help, encourage and equip one another in reaching those we know at home, work and in other ways.
  • We can encourage and spur one another on in prayer for lost people.

If you are not currently in a Branch Group please get in touch with the
church office.

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